The Digital Workshop Testimonials

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"The instructor made PowerPoint incredibly easy to comprehend and I feel I can go to work and immediately apply what I learned."

~Alaina B., Fulton Financial

"Excellent pace, class size allowed for more one on one help, the teacher is extremely proficient, understood level of knowledge of participants, the learning was invaluable..."

~Dawn P., Armstrong World Industries

"I have greatly enjoyed all 3 Excel classes. They were highly informative with information I will continue to use in my reports."

~Carolyn S., Susquehanna Bank

"Very informative - great experience."

~Verna D., Benecon

"Very good training, it was actually what I was looking for!"

~Greg W., High Steel Structures

"Focus was on basics with good shortcuts which were new and helpful. Will be able to use. Good facility and set up. Impressed with opportunity to redo class within 3 months!"

~Jessica W., Cargill

"Time was well spent on topics/material. A lot of knowledge was included in the materials covered. I liked that the advanced class did not cover the basics and instead other information for truly advanced users."

~Michele R., Donegal Insurance Group

"Tad was extremely knowledgeable & very patient!"

~Stephanie M., Blakinger, Byler & Thomas, P.C.

"Very in-depth but not overwhelming for an introductory course. Easy to follow along and understand."

~Michael B., Eastern Alliance Insurance Group

"Cleared up a lot of questions we've had, especially formatting and mail merge. I thought the training was excellent."

~Erica G., Brubaker Connaughton Goss & Lucarelli


~Sharon K., QVC

"Awesome class! Very informative. You covered everything I need help with. I am very happy with my experience!"

~Jenna E., American Council of Engineering Companies of PA

"The most enjoyable and flexible learning environment I have been in. Very focused while simultaneously creating a comfortable workspace and dialogue that prompted confidence in my ability to retain the information and recreate it in my workplace."

~Beth H., NAI Commercial Partners

"Pace of instruction was suited to my skill level, this experience was extremely valuable!"

~Mary Ann H., Library System of Lancaster

"Was very impressed - it was informational and felt relaxed at the same time."

~Thain P., Four Seasons Produce

"Very informative! It expanded my Excel knowledge exponentially!"

~Carolyn S., Susquehanna Mortgage

"Had a very positive experience at our Advanced Excel classes at The Digital Workshop. The teacher was very flexible...she would start training on a concept that we weren’t sure would be worthwhile for our work, we would interrupt her and ask her for help on something else and she went right with the flow. I felt it was very worthwhile and really well done."

~Sean C., Warfel Construction Company

"I was very comfortable. I didn't feel like I should know more. Little details like cafe make you feel welcome too!"

~Sherry E., Association of Builders & Contractors

"Very helpful, easy to understand and navigate through."

~Amber P., Blakinger Byler & Thomas


~John H., Engle Printing & Publishing Co.

"The trainer was very nice and open to questions. The class was small which made it easier to feel comfortable. It was nice to feel no question was a stupid question."

~Christy D., Eastern Alliance Insurance Company

"I enjoyed the pace and all of the information provided."

~Sara G., Tyson Foods

"Enjoyed it, found it extremely helpful."

~Tom H., Alcoa


"Was awesome having one-on-one training. I was able to ask everything I wanted to know about Word and work at my pace."

~Courtney B., Travel Time & Bailey Travel

"Very good! Great pace! Answers questions with great explanations."

~Crystal Z., Fulton Bank

"Everything about the staff/class is completely professional! Great job!!

~Trina, Atomic Design

"Even though I was starting from a very basic level, the material was presented in a clear and easy to understand manner, and gave a solid foundation to the topic as promised"

~Stacey M., Kitchen Kettle

"Wonderful - very informed."

~Kelly R., LCSWMA

"Great help - very descriptive to assist in greater knowledge of Excel - I will be back for Advanced Class."

~Carin K., Tech Cast

"Very informative, topics were relevant to my work, instructor was very knowledgeable."

~Liz R., Rissers Poultry, Inc.

"The class was very informative, especially for those who have never worked with the program"

~Anna R., Law Offices of William Haynes

"I feel much more confident with Excel, the basics after this class. It was a great experience."

~Jess L., High Concrete Group LLC

"Very straight-forward - focused on my exact needs!

~Don N., Enviroscan

"Very good overview of social media and its use for businesses. Great instructor.

~Linda S., Specialty Travel

"I had a great time. Learned so much. Am excited to go home and use new functions."

~Sue L., Engle Hambright & Davies

"Welcoming, friendly, thorough, helpful. Liked the small atmosphere & willingness to answer questions."

~Leigh Ann U., Harrisburg Downtown Improvement District

"Great training from fundamentals to advanced."

~Matt H., Primitives by Kathy

"Expectations were set and met! Excellent instruction on the Foundations of Excel!"

~Jasmine H., Susquehanna Bank

"Enjoyed and learned a lot from the hands-on, group environment."

~Duane O., Warwick Township

"Excellent! My 2nd training with The Digital Workshop - everything in top-notch!

~Desiree W., Compass Mark

"I've taken two courses through The Digital Workshop. The courses were well organized and in a convenient, comfortable setting. Our instructor structured the class so that there were many chances to ask questions or to clarify points being made while, at the same time, kept the course moving quickly. The benefit of this pace was it kept the course interesting but also allowed me to only be out of the office for a half day, versus an entire day as is often the case with I.T. training."

~Scott K.

"Very informative! Well presented and good pace to the class."

~Betsi Z., JA Central PA

"The hands-on was outstanding."

~Ryan S., Tech Cast LLC

"The information gained at these classes is always very helpful as well as the book given as a resource."

~Christina M.,Fulton Financial

"This was a delightful educational experience! Laurie is an exceptional instructor—the time flew by!"

~Jan W., Rhoads Energy

"The class was very well paced so I could make notes about applying these techniques to my relevant work problem. Very helpful!"

~Bethany B., Webtalent Marketing

"Very insightful and covered the entire program."

~Emilie J., Septodont

"I can go back and accomplish what I set out to do. Instructor had incredible patience!"

~Terrie K., Lancaster County Community Foundation

"This was a very informative class. It was well worth the time."

~James W., Focused Business Solutions

"Very knowledgeable instructor. Very helpful. Perfect level of depth of subjects."

~Christine K., Veritas Academy